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There and back again

Still a Telvanni at heart...

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* 2006:

Ech, no way I can escape this... So, I'll make it a short one, and a temporary one, since I must write *something* but definitely don't feel like writing about myself now.


Kelenthial, or Lauretha (Alatariel) Luinelle, or Caspara, or Whisper, etc - these are other names I use. My RPG characters' names. Or my other characters' (...writing fantasy stuff? yes, you may say so...). Anyway. My 'real' name is Magdalena - or Lena if you prefer it that way (shorter way - are you lazy or something...?) and by now I am:

- writing stupid bios
- reading "The Witching Hour" - by Anne Rice - and "CATCH - 22" - by Joseph Heller
- a devious student
- addicted to cheery juice
- the most lazy person on Earth, I presume....
- Pole - now and ever...
- Vincent Valentine's lover
- in love with English - indeed, since my sixth year on this world - but that doesn't mean I can use it right, mind you!
- a dreamer
- a weirdo ;)
- a carefree nymphae
- and so on, and so on...

... I am what I am...
... I am who I am...
... And I feel pretty good with it, dammit! :)

** 2009:
Mostly unchanged, for good or ill.